If you’ve visited before you might be wondering about the new look. There was a lot of old material that I felt was underused. To be honest few people have contacted me for client work or product support. Short of shutting down completely I have decided to focus more on my interests of the moment which are more about cryptocoins, the economy and what I think of as spirituality or my life journey. I’d like to combine all three interests, but we’ll see how it goes. πŸ˜€

So far I’ve been very impressed with my new host, β€œCrypto Cloud Hosting”, the support has been excellent. I’ve held onto the old host for way too long, not really wanting to make a change and yet not really happy with the way things were going. Sound familiar? πŸ˜‰

Crypto Cloud Hosting takes cryptocoins in payment so I think this is a really good way to support helping cryptocoins to get more main street adoption and develop more interest in them. It is also nice to able to actually spend some of the cryptocoins that I’ve been mining and investing in and the pricing is very reasonable.

Much of the old website material is still around someplace so if someone really wants me too I can try to replace things if requested. I’m still here for support if you have some of my old products, however, I may be a bit harder to contact. (Vacations, beer,… ) πŸ™‚

Plus, an email spammer has harvested my email address and is using it as a return address and the filtering wasn’t catching all the junk that was being sent to me. If anyone’s out there cursing me for sending all the spam, I can say honestly β€œhey, it wasn’t me dude”, and hopefully all that bad karma will deflect somewhere else, but I think you can see why I guard my email address religiously. So far, knock on wood, the new setup seems to be filtering it all out – I think it’s magic! (We’ll, there’s probably some other factual explanation out there someplace but that would spoil my fun)

I’m really enjoying this new setup and I hope to start developing more things that will be of interest to people.

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